Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Do We Vegans Eat?

There is a common question all vegans get asked constantly..."What do you eat on your diet? How do you get your protein? and of course Is your diet healthy?

Well here is the answer:

We have a pyramid just like you do. Our pyramid consists of great protein, carbs and delicious desserts made from great fresh fruits and a plant based diet full of all you need to survive in a healthy way. We eat all fresh fruits and vegetables (mainly organic), no GMO, No Processed foods, only plant based and fresh fruit drinks, great yummy desserts sweetened with agave or maple syrup and lots of different grains, rice and pasta. 

Here is our vegan pyramid.

this is some of the great benefits we get by eating fruits and veggies.

This is my refrigerator, always full of veggies and fruits.

and this is what some of my dinners consist of...lots of veggies and fruits with salsa...delicious.

or a great taco salad.

From my Caribbean vegan kitchen to yours...SALUD!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vegan Organization

If you are a passionate cook like I am, the kitchen must be super clean, everything must be handy at all times and it all has to be organized in their proper places. Here are a few photos of great ideas to organize and decorate your lovely kitchen. Oh and if you have a basement then organize your fruits and vegetables in that cool room.

If everything has to be handy then plant and display your herbs and fresh fruit to decorate your kitchen.

A great way to show off all your vegetables and fruits is inside a wooden crates made into a storage bin.  

What a lovely round fruit and vegetable display storage unit. 

Clothes pin holder can hold and display your garlic, onions or potatoes. 

If you have a nice area in your kitchen to display your fruits and veggies, go for it.

Here's another wooden crate display.

this one is for basement owners. In case you need to store away fruits and veggies without being on view, just put them in the basement.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vegetarian Latin Pasta


Hi everyone,

A dinner is just a dinner, but a dinner made with love and bursting with great flavor and spices  becomes a cuisine.

When I cook, an extraordinary amount of love and passion is put into every meal. So this last Sunday I made some gluten free pasta that was made with lots of Spanish spices,  hot sauce, lots of veggies and great amount of love.  It was delicious.

If you wish to make this dish, this recipe has been made before so you can find this recipe inside my recipe file. 

From my Caribbean Kitchen to yours...Salud
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